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A Message from the CEO of JobiZone

All the content on our website is showing that what we do and how’s our team is, but I want to talk about something that will help you to know more about us that what is Jobizone: what we believe.

We believe the Jobs (Local Jobs / International Jobs) process has changed. Due to disappearance of job security, professionalism and due to some other reasons. Rest of the people leave from jobs early as well some organization fire their employees within 3 months, after deep study we start this project to support Organizations as well to Employees/Job seekers to find out best and relevant post for each Job seeker for best fit in organization.

We believe that around the globe number of organizations are looking for millions of employees, as well millions of job seekers are looking for best jobs but there is a gap in between employees and organizations. We are (Jobizone) here to meet up them on Jobizone’s platform.

We also believe in partnerships; in building long term relationships with general public / agency / clients/ Job seekers. With this partnership we are committed to our clients’ goals and the career and life goals of our employees.

We believe in professionalism with core values of honesty and strong work ethic. We desire to be the best, with a commitment to quality, responsiveness and resourcefulness to our clients and employees.

On behalf of the Jobizones’ team, we consider it a privilege to work with our clients, professionals, and the software community as a whole. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yasir Hafeez

Founder and Owner