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What is Creativity :

Transform thoughts/imagination or personal ideas to create something new or advancement in anything; inventiveness.

Thoughts of People:

Rest of the people think about creativity that it’s something special or just God gifted skills and no one can understand / learn how to transform your idea to reality. All the phonemes’ regarding creativity like this “It’s Tough Job”, “People are creative those are brilliant or extra ordinary” but it’s wrong.

You’re Creative:

You’re creative, your fellow, family members are creative and all of us have ideas to create something new and have best ideas but problem is we can’t share these ideas and can’t try to make it successful/transform as reality.

For example, you’re university student and you’ve an idea to develop a website for “Health Care Tip”, I know you can; but still you’re thinking it’s not possible; only Mr. XYZ can done this who sit in the front row and speak all the time and discuss on different things with teacher.

Fail to get Jobs:

But really you’re wrong, you can also done this, rest of the teacher also say same like this that “You can’t do this” but how can you done it. Here is explanation:

You’re an average student and don’t have much skills to develop website (Agreed); but now a days bundle of platforms allow us to create website with best theme just like email creation process (WordPress, Joomla etc).

Secondly, need to write content regarding health tips, I think any university going student can make write-up on health tips (by searching googel/bing etc).

Second Example :

Some creative resource just stay on seat / bed and don’t use mind because of creativity. Don’t do this when you go with this stuff, really you waste your time nothing more than this.