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Crypto Currency / Electronic money/ digital Currency

Crypto Currency / Electronic money/ digital Currency are same things, these are all type of currencies are not like real currencies like notes / dollars or any type of coins but this is currency, yes; really it’s online currency available in digital shape (over the internet), but not have physical existence if you want to touch, sorry you can’t do this it’s not in shape of bank notes or coins.

Electronic Currency is stored online over the internet on different servers, and on different places you can use electronic / crypto currency around the globe, some countries are not adopted/accepted yet but in short it will be the world official currency and will be useful and easy for everyone to manage over the internet.

No doubt till time there are many security threat for digital money even Bitcoin were not 100% safe as all of us know there is nothing which is connected over the internet is 100% secure/safe.

How can you use digital currency:

You can use digital currency over the internet around the globe not just on internet platform but there should be internet facility available if you’re purchasing or exchange with someone other.