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It’s all about your home security

There are variety of Property Insurance available which can save us from any possible losses.

Fire and Associated Dangers

Fire represents one of the greatest threats that an organization can meet. Each year several thousands of lives are lost to fires, tens and thousands of people are hurt, and huge amounts of monetary losses are continued due to demolition of property or damage by fires.

Every organization is exposed to the possibility of fire losses regardless of its nature and a fire loss can seriously delay it from achieving its objectives or even totally destroy it.


  1. Fire
  2. Earthquake
  3. Explosion
  4. Aircraft
  5. Impact by road vehicles
  6. Flood
  7. Bursting or overflowing of water tanks apparatus or pipes
  8. Riot fire
  9. Riot and strike damage
  10. Malicious damage

2 Consequential Loss

The loss/damages resulting from fire or other allied perils besides bringing physical loss /damage may result in loss of gross profit and incurring standing charges.

These Expenses such as bank interests, employee’s salaries, rent, electricity and other standing charges will continue to be incurred despite of the loss of revenue.

Such financial losses suffered due to loss of gross profits on account of reduction in turnover and standing charges incurred during the period of interruption due to an insured peril are compensated under this insurance.

This policy is intended to cover loss of Gross Profit following material damage as a result of fire, lightning, Storm, hurricane, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, impact damage, etc (or other insured peril) at your premises.

Business Interruption Insurance covers loss of profits of a business due to reduction in the turnover caused by a loss or damage that is covered in the Fire & Allied Perils policy. The insurance includes cover for Increased cost of working following the loss as well as the standing charges of the business that continue even though business activities have come to a temporary halt.


We will cover your business premises/building against accidental loss or damage.

Goods in transit

We will cover accidental loss or damage to your goods whilst in transit within the country.

Computer breakdown

We will pay for sudden and unforeseen breakdown of computer equipment.

Fidelity Guarantee

You can choose to cover against misappropriation of money/goods by employees with fraudulent/ dishonest motives.

Loss of gross profit

Loss of profit during the period of business interruption following an accidental loss or damage arising out of the reduction in turnover.

Product liability

We will give you protection against legal liability arising out of any product or service sold or supplied by you which results in injury or damage to third parties.

Personal accident

Accidental bodily injury to employees resulting in death or disablement.

3 Property All Risk

The Property All Risks Insurance Policy offers wider coverage than Fire and Allied Perils by covering accidental physical loss of or damage to the Property Insured whilst situated at the premises described in the policy, everything is covered other than the exclusions, defined in the wordings.

Factories, power plants, building and office projects including workshop, machinery, equipment, material, goods, fuel, warehouse, premises or offices are covered under this insurance policy.

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Explosion
  • Aircraft, or other aerial devices or articles dropped there from Impact by vehicles, watercraft, locomotives or rolling stock
  • Earthquake
  • Riot
  • Strike
  • Civil commotion
  • Malicious damage
  • Busting or overflowing of water apparatus (including sprinkler leakage)
  • Impact by own vehicle
  • Theft or attempted theft (by violence to persons or threat thereof or by violent and forcible entry to or exit from the premises) and Accidental loss or damage

4 Comprehensive Machinery Insurance

Machinery Breakdown Insurance offers protection against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to machinery, which has been erected and is operational or at rest.

This is a policy which covers financial loss incurred by the insured due to loss or damage to machinery as a result of sudden accidental electrical and/or mechanical breakdown due to internal defects and/or external sources.

  • Risk Covered
    • Faulty material, defects in casting, faulty construction, faulty design, cracking or overheating of parts, short circuits and electrical burnouts, faulty erection, explosion (as defined), tearing apart on account of centrifugal forces, failure of operation of safety devices.

Lack of skill, carelessness, sabotage, falling bodies, electrical over pressure, failure of other machinery connected with it.

5 Hotel Owners All Risk

This policy provides an extensive cover for the protection of hotels and is ideal for hotel owners, new entrepreneurs/ investors to hedge it against serious losses which might occur in the life of a hotel.

  • RISK Covered
    • Fire
    • Lightning
    • Explosion
    • Aircraft, or other aerial devices or articles dropped there from Impact by vehicles, watercraft, locomotives or rolling stock
    • Earthquake
    • Riot
    • Strike
    • Civil commotion
    • Malicious damage
    • Busting or overflowing of water apparatus (including sprinkler leakage)
    • Theft or attempted theft
    • Accidental loss or damage

6 Terrorism

Terrorism insurance solutions to protect businesses from devastating losses to physical assets resulting from acts of terrorism. Coverage can be customized to meet distinct client needs.

Financial protection against terrorism, a risk excluded from most commercial property policies. Our property terrorism product addresses this coverage gap and offers protection to multinational and local companies in diverse industries.

  • Complete the Risk
    • Physical damage to commercial buildings and their contents. Expense associated to business interruption including loss of profit and increased operational cost.